Lots of Assignments or Projects related Work?
No Problem!
We're committed to supporting you resolve Schools, Colleges/University's or Business's Assignments, thesis, Case Study, Presentations, and Projects work-related problems quickly and reliably.

"So Many Assignments and Study work in Btech. The Open Source Solution Senior do my project work as my requirement and tell everything how its work. it's very helpful for me. thanks"

- Suhel ,Pune.

You just need to Register Yourself in Specific Area where you need Support. Our Senior Call you within 12Hour for verifying the work and after pay for the service do the work Completion from our Senior.

1. Register Yourself in Specific Filed
Register in specific filed and save your ticket number.Wait for the call of our Senior for Verify Registration and work. if you don't get the call you can Contact us

2. Select Plan and Pay For Service
Go to the menu. Choose The plan also a number of Assignments or Projects and then click on select. Check Price and find our ticket number and Click to Pay. for any Issue call at Customer Care

3. Completion of Assignment or Work
After Payment, Our Senior call you or Support you to do all the Assignments or work on Assign time.After completion gives feedback and Share to others.

"My Senior is also a BCA Student. She did my Assignments quickly Because she already knows what is my requirement in Assignment. and her working was Awesome. I'm very thankful to Open Source Solutions Senior they Provide Very Good Platform for Students Support."

- Honey Kumar, Canada.

Our Mission
Main 5-Point of Our Work
1. Create Awareness Why Our Work Exist!!
Some people want to Learn and understand a lot in own Assignments and work but nobody tells the right Way and some People not able to make our assignment or projects because due to lack of time and Knowledge, so those People can learn from our seniors and share related knowledge to each other
2 . Our Work Agenda
Students and Employees Will Get less Stress in our and work and also get the knowledge of the assignment or project. Some People don't have much time to complete the Assignments or Projects on time so they can take support from us
3. Who can Take our Support?
All Schools, Colleges, and University Students can take our support in assignments, Case Studys, thesis, and projects. The employer have any kind of documentation, presentation and data entry related work they can also take support from us.
4. About Our Seniors
Our Senior are Topper of Schools, Colleges or Universities. they have very Good Knowledge in Specific subject and Skills. Some Senior are Job oriented and they do part-time work with us for improving our skill and Knowledge from doing the work and Projects of Clients
5.Where we Contribute?
We are contributing to Parents which pay a lot of to there Son and Daughter Education. We also contribute to Employees which don't have much time to do the work Complete in deadline. We Also Contribute to Our Senior so they can use our knowledge and skill in Supporting you. otherwise, they forget all the knowledge which they study in school and college...

" I am extremely impressed by there work. They provide me, work-related Senior. He understands my work a lot. he did all the work of Documentation fast and also on time. Thanks to there Seniors."

- Mr Sourav Mehta, Punjab.

OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS is the non-profit organization which works at a cheap price so students and Employee can afford our Service and finish the Projects or assignments early and fast. we are work like the buddies. which is available for your support as per assignment or Projects.

“Exceptional service combined with Seniors ensures complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind.”